Statement on Telehealth

We believe that telehealth is an emerging tool in medicine that can improve access, simplify medical care and bridge certain barriers in healthcare. Conversely, certain obvious limitations exist in providing medical care in a virtual setting. Please read this statement fully before signing up for or requesting a telehealth visit with Family Medicine Specialists.

When signing up for telehealth, click the provided link to direct you to CareConvene, the telehealth provider we work with. To engage in a telehealth visit, a smartphone will be required. Fill out the requested information fully both for your personal background and for the requested visit. This information is important for the provider in rendering care and will ease subsequent visits. You will be creating your own personal chart in the CareConvene site that can also be used to track health goals and chronic illness if you choose.

Appropriate visits for telehealth are more simple, focused problems. Some examples of such visits include rashes, urinary tract infections, cold symptoms or certain follow up appointments as recommended by your healthcare provider.

The cost of each telehealth visit is $45. You will be required to pay for the visit with a personal credit card or health savings account credit card. Presently, we cannot bill insurance for telehealth but you may be eligible for reimbursement depending upon your insurance. A receipt will be provided to you. Upon conclusion of the visit, your healthcare provider will make sure that data from CareConvene is shared with your regular office chart.

To continue to the Telehealth portal please click here or the image below: